A fine showing at this year’s ACM Regional!

Four UMM CSci teams competed today in the 2009 ACM North Central Regional programming competition and had another fine showing. 203 teams competed in this year’s regional, with 21 (including our four) competing at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. Based on the (currently unofficial) on-line results, two of the UMM teams placed in the top 10% in the region, and all four placed in the top half:

  • Nuclear Unicorn (Stephen Adams, Jason Biatek, Justin Mullin) placed 14th, with 5 of the 10 problems solved
  • Teamcube (Eugene Butler, Brian Goslinga, Chad Seibert) placed 20th, with 4 solved
  • Corrupt Code (Jared Grommesh, Eric Laska, Jared Grommesh, Tim Snyder) placed 82nd with 2 solved
  • Infinite Monkeys (Katie Froiland, Nathan Dahlberg, Chris Larson) placed 92nd with 2 solved

This is a really excellent showing for any school, and especially for a small public liberal arts college. Only one other strictly undergraduate school (Northwestern College) placed in the top 20 (with a very impressive 3rd). All the other schools in the top 20 have graduate programs, and almost all of the top 20 teams are from large research institutions, and trend that continues through the top part of the table.

The U of M system also did very well as a group. While the 11 U of M teams (4 from Morris and 7 from the Twin Cities) only represented around 5% of the region, they accounted for nearly 1/3 of top 20 teams: 2 from Morris and 4 from the Twin Cities campus. One of the Twin Cities teams is currently listed in 4th, and may qualify to go to the international finals in China – best of luck to them!.

The folks at the Twin Cities campus were again excellent hosts, providing a nice work environment, good support, and some excellent greek food for dinner afterwards. (There were some obnoxious parking issues because there was also a home football game today, but we’ll blame that on athletics :->.) Many thanks to them for putting on a fine event.

This marks the end of the fall competition season, which means we can all go back to our normal academic lives for a while. Next Spring, though, is the annual MICS event, complete with both programming and robotics competitions, so we’ll have to stay in shape for that.

Congratulations to our teams on their excellent showing, and to all the teams that competed today!


One response to “A fine showing at this year’s ACM Regional!

  1. There are no photos, I’m afraid. As the coach, I spend pretty much the whole day locked up in the judging room with the other coaches, so I don’t get a chance to take many/any pictures. This time we’ll have to let words suffice.

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